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Practice areas

When you need clarity in order to deal with a legal matter, it is essential to resort to sharpness, opened mindedness and experience. These are guidelines which allow us to protect our Clients’ interest skilfully and creatively. The experience gained as litigators sharpened our inputs, the tax analysis opened our minds for a better economic understanding and the relation with regulatory authorities enlarged our communication skills.

We have the experience of providing solutions to our Clients with respect to both complex and numerous litigation files or legal issues that imply complex technical analyses and a deep knowledge of the Clients business and specificities.

We have assisted Clients in the management of their legal issues, varying from the building of integrated dispute resolution strategies to the representation of the Clients in front of all dispute resolution institutions or organs.

We are specialized in ensuring a work flow and administrative support in disputes involving a large number of litigation files, in seeking efficient methods of handling cases, of communicating with the Client and transmitting essential information, of discovering potential issues relevant to the general strategy and in coordinating or implementing such strategies.